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In A LIFE WORTH LIVING Michael Smurfit tells his own life story and that of the company he built. He documents the Smurfit Group’s seemingly inexorable growth from humble beginnings, the challenges faced and overcome, and the many deals that continually doubled the size of the business every three or four years. He shows his ‘logical opportunism’ in action, and explains how the Smurfit culture and systems provided a world-beating competitive advantage.

Michael’s life outside Smurfit – his chairmanship of the Racing Board and of Telecom Éireann; his interest in horseracing; and his ownership of The K Club and the triumph that was the Ryder Cup 2006 – all feature, alongside his love and commitment to his family. 

Truly a life worth living.


Oak Tree Press develops and delivers information, advice and resources for entrepreneurs and managers. It is Ireland’s leading business book publisher, with an unrivalled reputation for quality titles across business, management, HR, law, marketing and enterprise topics and a unique position in start-up and small business support in Ireland. NuBooks is its recently-launched imprint, publishing short, focused ebooks for busy entrepreneurs and managers. Oak Tree Press is comfortable across a range of communication media – print, web and training – focusing always on the effective communication of business information. 

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Sales Tales: True Stories of How Great Sales HappenSales TalesHI RES300


For the past 30 years, Conor Kenny has learnt to sell largely by making lots of mistakes and working hard to understand what inspires a reaction and what it is that makes people buy or not. 

This book will help you sell more and understand yourself and your customers. 

SALES TALES is based on his personal experience and real encounters in pursuit of sales excellence. The purpose of the book is to tell real-life stories, each underpinned with a powerful lesson that helped Conor sell the next time around.

Sometimes, to believe the fire is hot, you need to get burnt. When you do, there is no book better than raw experience. SALES TALES is based on Conor’s occasional mis-step into the fire. It is a book of real stories – sales stories that will help you to be a better sales person and to make more sales. It will guide you in sales, in your career and in life. 


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Our recently-launched imprint, publishing short, focused ebooks (in Kindle, ePub and PDF formats) for busy entrepreneurs and managers.

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