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Intellectual Property: From Creation to Commercialisation (ePub) 9781781190258

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Intellectual Property: From Creation to Commercialisation - A Practical Guide for Innovators & Researchers
John P Mc Manus

ISBN 9781781190258
Published 2012 (e2012)
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For many knowledge-intensive or technology-based start-up companies, the professional management of intellectual property (IP) is critically important. In fact, IP may be the main asset by which the value of a young company is determined and on which decisions to invest in the company are based – and so IP needs to be considered very early in the planning process.


Intellectual Property: From Creation to Commercialisation provides a detailed grounding for innovators and researchers. The book starts with the source of innovation – that is, at the point where resourcefulness and creativity combine to develop new opportunities through problem-solving – and examines the critical steps that need to be carefully managed in the process surrounding the creation of IP and managing its development from concept through to exploitation. This involves the steps of identifying, capturing and assessing the value of IP. Useful recommendations for managing the transfer of IP from a research environment to the knowledge economy are provided and case studies illustrate pitfalls to watch out for.


Readers can expect to gain a broad understanding of IP and the innovation process. Specifically, they will learn:

  • The benefits of implementing procedures to ensure that IP can be protected, managed and exploited effectively.
  • How to assess the most appropriate routes to market, such as licensing or sale of their IP, or establishing a spin-out company to deliver a service or product offering.
  • How to present a viable business case to potential funders and investors.

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